Have you heard of Patreon?! It’s an incredible platform for connecting artists/makers/creators with the folks who enjoy what they create. Whether you are a customer of mine or would like to learn more about woodburning from me, I would love for you to be part of my Patreon community!

The journey has officially begun as of February 1st, 2021! Please join me!

Read on for more information about the different membership tiers and the perks you get in exchange for your membership.


As an Ember level member, you are like the bed of coals upon which the foundation of my work on Patreon and elsewhere rests. This level is meant for my customers and friends who wish to support my work on a regular basis in exchange for some exclusive perks not offered anywhere else.

For the low price of $3 a month, you get:

*1 Monthly Newsletter filled with Updates about what I’ve been doing and what’s to come
*Entry into my monthly giveaway!
*Early access to all my collections


*Other bonus content that is only for Patrons

This means you’ll get to have first pick of any new work I create before I offer it for sale to the public. In addition, your name will be entered into my monthly giveaway pot, so you get 12 yearly chances to win something handmade directly from me.

Not only that, but you will earn a place in my inner community of supporters who I am so grateful for and dedicated to. You’ll have the knowledge that your small contribution each month has a big impact on my life and business!


As a Spark level member, you’ll get everything the Embers get, plus even more discounts and deals!

At the $6 per month level, Spark members get:

*10% Patron-only shop discount
*Special quarterly coupon codes
*Behind the Scenes content + sneak peaks

This level is also geared toward my customers and those who wish to connect with my work on a deeper level by owning pieces, learning more about my processes, and/or getting early access to my work as well as fun, behind-the-scenes content.


Flicker level members will enjoy all the previous perks of the lower tiers, with some exciting additional benefits.

This is the first tier geared toward fellow woodburning enthusiasts. Regardless of your skill level, this tier will be helpful to you by giving you access to a closeknit community of other pyros to share and support each other in learning the art of pyrography. I’ll be the moderator of these groups and aim to share valuable information and assist my Flicker community with woodburning tips, techniques, troubleshooting and more. Plus, I’ll be sharing a minimum of two real-time woodburning videos per month so you can study my techniques without the timelapse effect I often use on social media.

*Access to Private Woodburning Community Forums!
*At least 2 Monthly Real-Time Videos


*All the exclusive content shared with lower tiers


Flame level members are my folks who are serious about diving deep into woodburning. Flame patrons will enjoy the same perks as Flickers, but with some added benefits!

You’ll get:
*Personal feedback and advice from me about 2 of your completed works or works in progress per month
*Flame-Only Community Chat Group to help you learn and grow
*First Dibs on Beta-testing my upcoming Pyrography Courses once they’re ready!


*Access to all other community woodburning forum posts and discussions


*All the other bonus content that I’ll be sharing with the lower tiers

For more information and to JOIN my Patreon community, please click here:

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