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Hi, I’m Bee. I’m the author of the book Creative Woodburning and founder of the Creative Woodburning School! And I also create and sell nature-inspired pyrography art within my business BeeSymmetry Designs. I am passionate about woodburning in all its facets, including sharing the skills and strategies I have learned through my pyro journey with other aspiring woodburners and handmade makers.

At the core of my art and teaching style is my belief in the true power of creativity: the freedom and fulfillment that comes when we are able to allow art to flow through us in a beautiful harmony of skill and intention. I seek to share my inspiration with all my students and customers alike.

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My book, Creative Woodburning has garnered thousands of positive reviews in the past two years since it was published! It’s been an absolute joy to hear from the many pyrography enthusiasts of all levels who have gained skills, inspiration, and guidance from this book. If you’re looking for an affordable way to get TONS of pyro info into your brain (and quick!) this book is the perfect thing to whet your woodburning whistle. With 20 step by step projects, over 150 templates for you to use, plus everything you need to know to get started and build your skills, Creative Woodburning answers your most burning questions and then some. Pun intended, of course!

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