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Some of the most frequently asked questions I get are about what tools and materials that I use. Here I’ve compiled a list of pyrography tools and materials that I use and recommend to others for your convenience.

The wide world of woodburning offers an array of tools to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or a very experienced woodburner, there’s a perfect tool for you and I’m here to help you find it!

Full disclosure: There are some affiliate links here. This just means that if you buy something through one of my links, I will earn a very small commission in return for the effort it took to curate and share this information with you. It costs you nothing and it helps me be able to keep sharing, so thank you. All the products I link to are products that I personally have used and would vouch for. I don’t share what I don’t believe in!


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I love Razertip products! My first real professional woodburning machine was a Razertip and I have been in love with the tools ever since. My trusty SS-D10 has been my go to for over 6 years now, but I have used and enjoyed all of their models! You can find more info about their options by clicking this link or scroll down and click the photo of the item you wish to explore:

This is the NEW Razertip SE Kit, which I got to collaborate on! It comes with a guide to burning inside, plus six interchangeable tips and accessories. It’s an excellent deal and great choice for an all inclusive kit!

This is the SS-D10 Unit plus several pens, cords, and a tool scraper. It’s a great starter kit to get going with Razertip tools. Each of these items can of course be purchased separately as well.

This is the Razertiip SK unit- a very similar starter pack to the SS-D10. However, this machine comes with just one port, so it is a more cost effective kit. Again, each of these items is available individually from Razertip also.

This 5-tip set would be perfect to get you started with a variety of projects on a budget. These tips are compatible with the Razertip BPH pen bases, linked below.

This BPH pen is perfect for all your favorite tip shapes- there are hundreds to choose from! Just simply slide the tip in and screw it tight. If you’re looking for a way to maximize the amount of tip shapes you can use, get one or two BPH pens and invest in the tip shapes you’d like, instead of getting fixed-tip pens.
This woodburning pen has a writing tip fused to the end of it. It’s perfect for writing, curvy linework, and smooth details. I always recommend to get a heavy duty pen whenever possible.
This woodburning pen has a curved knife tip fused to the end. It’s my go-to for very precise linework, fine lines and linear details. It works well for precise outlines and for cutting across finicky grain patterns. Get one!
This is a medium spear shader (I refer to this as my angled shader, based on its shape). It’s a heavy duty pen that will not let you down. This is my absolute favorite tip I own and if I could only choose one tip shape to have forever, this is the one!
This spoon shader has a curved surface for those delicate and billowy shading textures you need. Build up the layers slowly with this smooth shading tip. My second favorite shading tip.

Transfer shaders like this one are perfect for transferring designs to your surface via the Heat Method. I teach you how to do this in my book, Creative Woodburning! This tip can also be used for shading and stamping leaf designs.
This brass brush is used to scrape the carbon buildup off your tools. It is specifically a great choice for curvy tips or tips with small crevices. It can be used hot or cold.
This is my go-to tip scraper! You can see me use this tool often if you watch my videos on social media. It’s wonderful for getting the carbon buildup off flat or sharp tools and you can use it hot or cold. I tend to scrape my tips every few minutes while burning to keep them clean- so essential!
PyroPaper is so useful for transferring designs onto the wood. Not only can you use it like normal tracing paper, but you can actually tape it to the surface of your wood and burn directly through the paper, saving you lots of time tracing. See the Before You Burn section of my book, Creative Woodburning, for more information about how to use PyroPaper and other methods for transferring your templates.

Stay tuned for my downloadable booklet about my 6 favorite pen shapes and how to use them!


The Dremel Torch Versatool is a neat little handheld torch that is really useful for time saving shading and creating large areas of solid black. I use mine all the time for dark borders and for creating really smooth burned gradients in my work. It can cut your burn time down significantly for certain projects. For the price, this is a must-have!
I wanted to include some affordable beginner options here for you. The Walnut Hollow Versa is a beginner-friendly and budget-friendly woodburning pen option. The thing I like about this one more than other comparable devices is that this one comes with a temperature dial, so you can adjust the heat you’re using. It makes all the difference to be able to control your temp. This is a great choice for total beginners, and there are even some very experienced woodburners who still enjoy using this tool and make gorgeous art with it.
Some years back, I won this TruArt model in a giveaway. I was seriously impressed with what it can do. While I still prefer my Razertip machine for several reasons, this TruArt kit is really decent quality and comes with a bunch of nibs and accessories in one big kit. I do recommend this unit from personal experience. it can be hard to weed through the various models out there, so knowing first hand which ones work well is a must.


These basswood rounds are kiln dried and a great surface for burning! For a bulk price, you get a great deal on these.
These rectangular basswood plaques are a great option for signs, fine art, and more! Walnut Hollow, kiln-dried, bulk pricing.
Walnut Hollow Extra Small Basswood Coasters Bulk Pack for Ornaments, Weddings and Craft Projects, (25 Pack)
This unfinished basswood box is perfect for burning on. Basswood burns like butter. Again, Walnut Hollow products are a very reliable and good choice for woodburning.
This baltic birch clock face would be perfect for the gorgeous clock project in my book!
This serving tray is the same as the one I used for the serving tray project in my book! Adorn it with grapes and get to practicing your shading!
Create the photo frame project from my book with this beautiful wood frame blank from Walnut Hollow!
This decorative tissue box could be a great bathroom decor option!
This card box is big enough to hold two decks of standard playing cards, or one deck of tarot cards, with a removable divider. A super choice for a personalized gift, and made of basswood for your ease of burning.
These spoons are made from beechwood, which burns really well. Avoid bamboo whenever possible for its finicky grain. Hardwood kitchen utensils are much better for pyrography.
This pizza peel is the only one I’ve ever seen made from basswood! Such a great price for this huge canvas just waiting to be burned on.
Use these to create the wooden egg project in my book and other beautiful decorative egg keepsakes. These have a flat bottom, so are freestanding, and do not require a base.
These unfinished candle holders are perfect for the project in my book! Grab an assortment of sizes for max visual appeal. They also make wonderful altar pieces, gifts, and matching decor sets.
You can create jewelry, keychains, tags or small ornaments with these bulk wood discs! Super value.
Have you burned on wooden beads before? They’re fun to add to all sorts of projects.


This is the same mask that I wear while burning. It comes with replacement carbon filters and feels very comfortable for long periods. It’s a good lightweight mask for those who have a hard time with respirators.
Using a desktop air filter on your workspace is a GREAT way to cut down on the ambient smoke in the room. You have to protect your lungs while burning, and this can literally suck the smoke from right above your work surface, filtering out the smoke almost immediately through a carbon filter. A very wise and worthwhile investment.
These gloves are heat resistant and form fitting to your hands- perfect for those long burning sessions when your fingers begin to get too hot. This also helps if you have a tool that tends to get hot in the handle area. They’ve got silicone grips so you can still safely hold and manipulate your woodburning tools.
This respirator filters EVERYTHING out of the air. If you don’t mind having this on your face, it’s the absolute best way to make sure you aren’t taking smoke into your lungs as you burn. It is NIOSH approved.
These are the filters for the respirator mask up above. They hook to the sides of the mask. Pack of 2!
This tiny desktop fan is small enough to have right next to your work surface and is surprisingly strong. You can use it to blow the smoke away from your face and hopefully, out an open window or the like.


Minwax spar urethane is one of my favorite sealers. It’s durable and protects against UV degradation which is so crucial.


These lists are still being compiled. Thanks for bearing with me! Check back soon for more!

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