My book, Creative Woodburning just celebrated its two year anniversary! In the book, I share 20 beautiful step by step projects you can do, complete with templates for you to transfer, as well as thorough techniques for you to learn to woodburn with ease and precision! It was my pleasure to create a guide that is both easy to understand for beginners and challenging enough for experienced pyrographers!


Get a look inside the pages of Creative Woodburning!

A snippet from the book:

“Are you interested in woodburning but don’t know where to begin? Are you overwhelmed by the array of tools available and how to properly use them? Do you want to finally learn the best ways to transfer designs onto wood, unlock the mysteries of finishing and sealing, or flawlessly add color to your woodburned artwork? I can help! 

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn the basics or an experienced pyrographer looking to improve your techniques, there is something for everyone in this unique book!

Like many beginners, I often found myself frustrated with the results I was getting with my woodburned art and I knew I had the potential to make better, higher quality artwork. Through years of trial and error and many breakthroughs, I discovered some tried-and-true techniques that consistently give beautiful results and are simple enough for novice woodburners to understand and implement. With the wisdom gleaned from experience, I am honored to share with you many straightforward guidelines you can begin incorporating into your woodburning today! You don’t have to struggle for years to perfect your own methods, you don’t have to have expert drawing skills, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create polished, professional quality woodburning. 

I am so excited to share my insights as a self taught pyrographer, so that you may learn and fall in love with this enticing artform as I have. Come along with me as I share simple, effective techniques for turning the ideas in your imagination into impressive woodburned artwork. I guide you through everything from selecting the right tools and materials to burning your designs precisely to sealing your final product. From easy-to-understand tips and tricks and inspiring new project ideas to answers to the most frequently asked questions, you will learn as you go and sharpen your skills along the way.

Here you will learn how to create 20 gorgeous step-by-step projects which will test and broaden your pyrography skills, giving you the experience and confidence to keep learning more! Dive into shading, stippling, linework and lettering. Discover the best methods for creating realistic woodburned fur, scales, feathers and more. And enjoy over 180 original templates for you to trace and transfer onto your own projects at home!”

Learn how to create this clock in the book! And so much more!

Creative Woodburning is available on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, BooksAMillion, IndieBooks, Target, Walmart, and! Click HERE to order it so you can get burning!

Perfect your understanding of shading techniques as you work through the step by step projects from beginner level to advanced!
Learn the best ways to add vibrant color to your woodburnings!

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I discovered Bee on Instagram a few years ago, when I started looking into learning wood burning so I could customize guitars. Her art inspired me to push beyond what I had thought woodburning could be. She is brilliant!

This book is also brilliant. It covers everything you need to know to get started – from tools for transferring designs, burning, and cleaning your burning tips, to safety equipment that will protect your lungs (I wish I had known about this when I started! So important!). The projects are gorgeous, and range in difficulty from beginner to advanced. The templates on the back are helpful to get an artist started with enjoying the art, without also needing to learn drawing skills.

I’m so happy to have this book on my shelf, and look forward to sharing it with others who want to learn the art of pyrography.


You must have Creative Woodburning on your book shelf. This is a great book for beginners to advanced pyrography artists! I could not put this book down once I received it in the mail. Very easy to read and well written. Bee covers tools to use, safety, and stuffed it full of projects! This book will give you tips and instructions to start projects from beginning to end. You will build your skills and confidence. Enjoy reading it, I did!

~Karen M

I’ve been fiddling around with wood burning on & off for several years now; and I discovered Bee on IG. Her work is tremendous and she’s very generous with her video tutorials, so I was excited to buy her book. I am SO happy I did! An enjoyable read, filled with inspiration and excellent information! I’m ready to ramp up my pyrography game! Thank you, Bee!

~Amazon Customer

This is an awesome pyrography book! It is very detailed in every aspect of wood burning – including choosing the best wood and tip, pattern application, and project sealant. It has informative troubleshooting tips as well. The finished project photos are full color and the pattern/template section is a great bonus! Highly recommend!


I have been dabbling in Pyrography for a couple of decades – and have just about every book on the subject. Bee’s spoke to me in a way no other has…clear instructions and samples, outstanding tips and lessons learned, and fun, engaging products. This is a wonderful book for new and experienced woodburners alike!

~Amazon Customer

This book is the most comprehensive book on pyrography I have ever read! She showed as much beautiful detail in this book as she does in her pieces!! I recommend to beginners as well as advanced pyrographers!!

~S Farley

This book is simply stunning and crazy informative!! There is nothing missing from it…just looking thru it I feel like Bee has just given me a one on one class! She is a true generous Artist!

~S audette

I have been Wood Burning for about a year off and on, I found this artist on Instagram and was blown away by her artistry and creativity, I have ordered several pieces from her, so when I saw she was sharing her skill I ordered her book, if your looking for a new fulfilling hobby for yourself or teens grab this book you’ll love it!!!


This is not your grandfather’s woodburning! All I can say is wowza! Ms. Locke is incredibly talented and an excellent mentor for those wanting to get started doing this hobby.

You will defintely want to own the print copy of this book as it is full of patterns and templates you can use to help create your own woodburned masterpieces. The author very carefully covers safety issues, needed tools, and many suggestions for success. In a world that has been spending more time at home, woodburning would be a wonderful use of your time and offer a way to create your own unique gifts at a fraction of the retail price.

This could be a very fun hobby to work on as a family with teens (with proper supervision). You can grab your copy at Amazon! This would make a great gift for the wood enthusiast on your gift list! I highly recommend this book–so full of helpful information!

~Jill & Albin