The Process

So, what exactly is woodburning and how do I do it?

In short, pyrography is the method of burning images into wood or other natural materials using a heated implement. Similar to drawing, when you “draw” the tool across your wooden surface, the heat from the tool burns the top layer of wood to create the imagery. It’s a versatile, sensory artform that can be used to decorate anything from kitchenwares to furniture to wall art to jewelry and much more!

Please enjoy these process videos to see some of what I do to create my handburned artwork!

DIY Woodburned Magnet Tutorial ~ Beginner Project from Creative Woodburning

If you’ve got a creative inkling and you want to try woodburning for yourself, I invite you to take a deep dive into the tools, techniques, and step-by-step projects in my book! I guide you through everything you need to know to develop and hone your woodburning skills in a clear and fun way!

Get the book here: https;//

For more info about the TOOLS & MATERIALS that I use, CLICK HERE.

Freehand Leather Burning

Timelapse Burning of a Lightswitch Plate

Woodburning Wooden Discs for Jewelry

Bird of Prey Necklace Timelapse

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