About the Artist

Hello, my name is Bee. I am the self-taught pyrography artist behind all the work you see here. It is my hope that when you view my artwork, you are reminded of the unending beauty that Nature provides. I strive to create artwork that will be useful, inspiring, and cherished.

My core offerings include my woodburned creations and my teachings.

My book, Creative Woodburning, was my first deep dive into sharing my passion and knowledge about woodburning with those who wish to learn. See my Book page for more info!

I believe that creativity is a superpower that lives inside us all. And that making art as a practice can be a powerful force for connection both to our internal landscape and to the wider world outside of ourselves. That’s why I’m so passionate about sharing these skills and inspiration with others. And that’s why I’ve built my career around the thing that’s always been true: making art makes me a more complete version of who I am.

My Artistic Journey:

Growing up, making art was always my happy place. I have a lot of childhood memories of drawing pictures for loved ones, filling up sketchbooks, and loving any chance I got to use my creativity and imagination. Although the art has always flowed easily from me, it took many years to develop the confidence and discipline which has led me down this path of realizing my long held dream of being a full time artist. For me, making art is not just my livelihood, it is an essential part of my nature which beckons to be tended to. I find myself most at peace when I am lost in some small details, either rendering the small details of my artwork or being captivated by the small details and textures of the vastly gorgeous and biodiverse land I am privileged to call my home.

I first was introduced to pyrography in 2009. Beginning with just an old soldering iron, I quickly became interested in the versatility of woodburning, the wonderful aroma of smoke, the rich sepia tones it produced, and the unique quality of each wooden “canvas.” Through many years of practice and multiple tool upgrades, I found my unique style and cultivated a true passion for the art of pyrography.

In 2020, my book Creative Woodburning was released!

These days, I am translating my experience into in-depth online woodburning courses for others to learn and deepen their own relationship with this artform that has so captivated my life.

I create from my home studio in the lush mountains of North Carolina where I live and learn with my husband Rob, our lively daughters, our two sweet pups, and 21 acres of rural beauty.

I sincerely thank you who may be reading for your interest in my work, and I look forward to many years of making and teaching art to come with the support of so many wonderful customers, students, friends, and family who make this all possible.

Meet the Maker Interview with Bee Locke