New Jewelry release

Botanical + Gemstone + Wood Jewelry: Just in time for Valentine’s Day

January’s big project was creating these one of a kind jewelry items.

The release date for these is January 28th 12 PM EST in my shop. Items are first-come first-served. Members of my email community received first dibs on this collection.

With inspiration from the botanical world and incorporating inlaid stones, these wooden pieces are each created with care and attention to detail. The stones used are either magnesite (the large green beauties), genuine turquoise (the other blue/green stones), or tiger’s eye (the brown and gold stones). The designs are created with a combination of woodburning, inking and painting with metallic tones. Each necklace comes with an affirmation/mantra burned into the back to infuse your day with positive thoughts and feelings.

I hope you will enjoy taking a peak at this collection!

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