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What It Was Like Presenting for the Wood Burn Sessions

On February 12th I had the honor of being one of the masterclass presenters for this year’s Wood Burn Sessions- an online gathering of pyrography enthusiasts of all skill levels. There were many excellent pyrographers in the lineup of presenters and I was grateful… Continue Reading “What It Was Like Presenting for the Wood Burn Sessions”

Okra. Magazine Feature + Fall Updates

It’s about time for an update! What a busy year it has been, both work wise and personally. This update is long overdue, but I have much excitement to share! First off, thank you so much to Okra. Magazine who graciously shared this article… Continue Reading “Okra. Magazine Feature + Fall Updates”

New Jewelry release

Botanical + Gemstone + Wood Jewelry: Just in time for Valentine’s Day January’s big project was creating these one of a kind jewelry items. The release date for these is January 28th 12 PM EST in my shop. Items are first-come first-served. Members of… Continue Reading “New Jewelry release”

My Woodworkers Journal Article~ Feb 2021

A big thank you to Woodworker’s Journal for featuring my article in their latest issue! It was a pleasure to get to contribute to the magazine. If you haven’t read Woodworker’s Journal before, it’s chock full of great information for woodworkers of every specialty.… Continue Reading “My Woodworkers Journal Article~ Feb 2021”

2020 Reflections and 2021 Intentions

2020 was a big year. It was hard. And good. And hard. And scary. And weird. And overwhelming. And hard. It was nothing like the year I thought it would be.  I finished writing my book, Creative Woodburning, after 9 continuous months of dedication… Continue Reading “2020 Reflections and 2021 Intentions”