What It Was Like Presenting for the Wood Burn Sessions

On February 12th I had the honor of being one of the masterclass presenters for this year’s Wood Burn Sessions- an online gathering of pyrography enthusiasts of all skill levels. There were many excellent pyrographers in the lineup of presenters and I was grateful to be invited as well.

Each class held its own focus, technique, and style, much like the artists themselves!

What We Burned Together

For my presentation, I created a nature mandala template for us to burn together during the class. (If you want to see the full creation process of making the template, I published a video of that process on the Creative Woodburning School site here: Creating a Nature Mandala Template | Creative Woodburning School (teachable.com) )

When the time came to burn live, I was joined by Rachel and Basia of Wood Burn Corner, who hosted the event, as well as hundreds of attendees from across the globe. It was incredible getting to imagine that so many people in so many places were spending time together with the sole purpose of woodburning my design together. I was able to guide them through my process of burning each element in real time and answer questions throughout the 2.5 hours we spent in focused creativity.

The experience was one that felt enriching, validating, and inspiring. I love that this art form has captivated so many people in the world and that opportunities like this exist for us to celebrate learning and creating in a community setting. A big thank you to Wood Burn Corner for putting this event together and for giving me the chance to present! It was so much fun!

What If You Missed It??

If you missed the presentation, it was recorded!

You can watch my full presentation at the Wood Burn Sessions on my Youtube channel. Buckle up, it is a couple hours long.

If you want to actually print out the template to burn along with the class the way the other students did during the live class, you can print it out from that Nature Mandala Template link I shared above.

Here’s that video:

And if you are someone looking to really deepen your understanding of woodburning, my Woodburning Master Course is available for you to learn directly from me. In the course I cover everything you are wondering about woodburning and then some, including:

~ tools

~ wood species

~ safety

~ pyrography machines

~ tip shapes and techniques

~ exercises to hone your skills

~ how to add color

~ how to seal your wood

+ more!

There will hopefully be many more pyro-centric experiences like this to come in the future, so if you’d like to be notified when I am hosting, presenting, or publishing educational content in the realm of woodburning, please consider subscribing to my email newsletter. No spam, ever, I promise!

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